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I want to cancel my subscription

To cancel your Citation Machine Plus subscription:

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on the Account link in the upper right

3. Scroll down on the next page and click on Cancel Subscription

4. Confirm the cancellation

Alternatively, you may click on the Email link below and fill out a brief form - we are happy to cancel your subscription from this end, too!

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To copy & paste a specific citation: Go to CitationMachine.net and create a citation manually or automatically, or find the saved...

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Export your bibliography: download to Word

Hooray! You've completed your bibliography and are ready to export it: Go to CitationMachine.net to beginLogin to your Citation Machine...

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Creating a citation (manually)

In addition to Citation Machine's Autocite capabilities, we can also help you create citations manually: Using your preferred web browser, go to ...

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Creating a bibliography

To create a bibliography: Login to your Citation Machine accountClick My Bibs in the upper left hand cornerChoose New BibliographySelect your citation...

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Creating a citation (Autocite)

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Can I submit my essay or paper as a Word Doc for Expert Check?

Your paper or essay can be in .docx or .txt format!  If you’d like to add additional documents as FYIs for your expert, those can be in .doc, ....

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My paper has pictures and graphs. Can I still submit it for Expert Check?

Totally! But there’s a chance the images and graphs could make your file too heavy and then the system will throw you an error and refuse to accept...

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Why has my Expert Check request been canceled?

There could be several reasons why your Expert Check request was canceled. Any paper or essay submitted must meet the following criteria: It must be in...

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It’s been 48 hours and I still haven’t received my Expert Check feedback. What do I do?

Have you checked your email spam/junk folder? Sometimes the email does land up there so just double-check to make sure! Still don’t see it? Reach...

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I submitted my paper to Expert Check but I think the feedback/review is not accurate. What do I do?

If the feedback is not what you were expecting, you can submit your paper for another review.  ...

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Will using the Expert Check give me a better grade?

With Expert Check, you get holistic feedback on the contents of your paper and can choose to use (or not) that feedback to modify/improve your paper or...

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How much does it cost to submit my paper for an Expert Check?

The Expert Check service is included with your Citation Machine subscription. You pay nothing over and above that!  ...

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How do I sign up to become an Expert Checker?

Right now, we’re not looking for new experts. Check back another time in case there’s availability then! ...

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Can I communicate with the expert while they are checking my paper?

Unfortunately, no. In order to maintain the 48-hour turnaround time, you will not be able to communicate with your expert while they are checking your...

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In the Expert Check, does the expert also check my bibliography/reference list for accuracy?

The Expert Check only analyzes your writing and not your bibliography/reference list.  ...

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How does scoring work in Expert Check?

How are the scores for Expert Check determined? The expert reviewing your paper chooses the most appropriate scoring rubric for it. Then, they score each...

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What do I do if I mistakenly uploaded the wrong paper for Expert Check?

Use the email icon to reach out and let us know. Include details such as the title of your paper and the email address you use to sign in to Citation...

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Can I make changes after submitting my paper to Expert Check?

Once your paper is submitted, there’s no way to change or cancel it. You can, however, submit an updated copy for an Expert Check. This will be...

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What is Expert Check? What does it cover?

The Expert Check included with your Citation Machine subscription offers a holistic overview of your paper or essay, its structure, and content. Each...

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